4 Secrets to Getting Ideas For Your Movie

4 Secrets to Getting Ideas For Your Movie

One of the most important, and sometimes one of the hardest things when you are starting out is getting ideas. Follow our filmmaking tips to get inspiration for your movie.

You may be full of ideas, and if so, more power to you. But, a lot of times that can be a hang up to getting started. If you have been knocking your head against the wall to come up with something then these tips are for you.

  1. Real Life Examples:

I know you may be thinking that everyday life is not all that exciting. But that’s where you are wrong. The show Law & Order for example, admits to using the headlines for coming up with a lot of their storylines.

You’ve heard the saying that “truth is stranger than fiction”, and that can definitely be true. How many times have you heard someone tell a story that was so extraordinary that you know they couldn’t have made it up?

There are certainly headlines every day about crime, adultery, health scares and human interest stories, etc. Have you ever seen a movie about an epidemic? Outbreak, for example? Think of the bird flu outbreak and how that could provide ideas for someone to make a movie about a bird flu epidemic. Anyway, there have been a number of movies based on epidemics.

  1. Check out what’s been done already:

Tons of movies have been done that were remakes of old movies. That’s not even mentioning all the ones that are similar in plot to another movie that’s already been made. Or adding a different twist to the ending of a familiar story.

Sit down and go through lists of old movies and see if you can get some inspiration. You don’t have to come up with something that is totally unique, just your unique version of a successful, proven to be crowd pleasing movie.

  1. Look at history:

Past events can offer a lot of ideas for inspiration. There are more wars than I can count, for example. The Bible has certainly had a lot of movies based on it. Historical movies interest a lot of people and could be a good place for you to start if you are at all into history.

  1. Think of categories:

You can come up with a list of categories for all kinds of ideas.

Categories like:

War movie
Crime stories
Science Fiction
Spy flicks

There are a lot more, but that gives you an idea. If you find yourself drawn to a particular category then come up with a movie that fits into that category.

Stick with what you love and the ideas will come easier.

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