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How to Analyze a Movie and Write a Movie Review

How to Analyze a Movie and Write a Movie Review

Analyzing a movie is very important if you plan to write a decent review of it. Moreover, the fun of dissecting a work of a skilled filmmaker can help you enjoy a movie to a different level altogether. Read some of these expert tips on how to analyze a movie and discover the fine nuances which most people miss.

Why Analyzing is important before reaching a judgment

Because a glass maybe half full or half empty. It’s all a matter of perspective. Fortunately or unfortunately, good filmmakers do not often share the perspective of the audience. Therefore, it is critical that one understand the importance of another’s view point.Moreover, if you are watching any movie with your friends of family, then it is important that you take notice of the things which a casual movie-goer usually does not and this forms the basis for all your opinions about the movie in the end.

What to consider when analyzing a movie

There are plenty of things about a movie which can be dissected to get the best picture about what a movie is all about. Cinema can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, and each is correct. I will tell you what basically needs to be done.

  1. The themes and ideas that are touched in the movie – This is really important as this shows how relevant a film is for the current time. Is it meaningful cinema or is it just for entertainment? Is there are message that the filmmaker is trying to send? Are there any other underlying themes associated with the movie?
  2. The storyline and dialogues – These two aspects give a movie a lot of the needed feel. Without interesting dialogoes, a very well made movie can be a total disaster. Secondly, an original storyline plays an important part in making the message or purpose of the movie effective.
  3. Sets and Costumes – Again very vital to give a feel to the movie. Although sets and costumes are usually overlooked by many, they can add tons of believable elements to a dry script.
  4. Cinematography and Screenplay – Undoubtedly, these two are crucial factors of a movie which need to be given the maximum attention. A lot of questions usually arise in my mind when I am watching a movie related to the screenplay – is the pace of the movie fast or slow? Is it adequate? How is the lighting and camera? Are there any special effects used or techniques which are out of the norms of traditional film-making?
  5. Director’s distinctive style and fingerprint – Each filmmaker has his own style and fashion of making a movie. These can only be found out after watching a few films by the director. For example : Alfred Hitchcock used bizarre camera angles and zooms for the time ever which gave his thriller movie so much more depth. Stanley Kubrick could pause time in his films through static long shots of a particular scene to make them more dramatic. Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino have perhaps the most original filmmaking styles that I have come across in English movies.

Watch out for these aspects and you will enjoy watching movies a lot more than other people. These are just some tips which are considered while analysing a movie – there are lots of other nuances and fine prints which need to be observed and that takes a lot of practise. But for beginners, this will do.