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Movie Training Tips The Story is Everything

Movie Training Tips The Story is Everything

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If you are thinking about making a movie, and you want anyone to be interested in a movie that you make, you have to start with a story that is worth telling. Any good movie training tips should start with a basic lesson in good storytelling. Read on for an example of a bad story vs a good story.

This is how the first story starts: You went to visit an old friend at his house and he started telling you about his trip to the grocery store that week. He started it something like this.

“On Monday I went to the Safeway down on Main Street to buy some groceries. First I went to the meat section and got some ground beef and pork chops. Then I went down the produce aisle for some apples and pears. Then I went down the bread aisle for a loaf of rye bread”….

You’re getting the gist, I’m sure. Now, the friend may go on to describe his entire shopping trip in great detail, but he lost your attention after the first sentence or two out of his mouth. If you think that bored you to tears, how do you think a movie like that would be? Unless you go to the movies to take a nap, you’d get up and walk out, wouldn’t you?

Now, we’ll be using the same example about grocery shopping, only let’s add a little twist twist that will make the story worth telling and listening to. Let’s say your friend starts his story like this:

“Did I ever tell you about the time when I went to the supermarket to buy a loaf a bread and came home a multi-millionaire?”

Now, he’s got your attention big time. You are hooked and have to hear the story of how he he went to store to buy bread and came home a multi-millionaire! If it were me, I’d be hanging on his every word and want to hear every last, juicy detail. Big difference from our first example.

Out multi-millionaire story is an example of one worth telling. Having a story worth telling isn’t a guarantee that you will do a perfect job telling it, but you will at least begin with a story that has some potential.

In other words, a valuable movie training tip is that there is no point even trying to make a film if you don’t have an interesting enough story to tell people.